Product Description

Main Report

Office Fitness is a 21 page, +6000 word report.

Related Article Bundle

Ten 400+ word articles that you can post and repurpose any way you want.


This package includes a mini-report that complements the main report.


This checklist is an overview of the main report. This is perfect for hand-outs.

Trainer’s Slidedeck

The main guide is also broken down into an easy-to-follow slidedeck perfect for presentations.


Included in the package is a high-impact infographic. It showcases information, tips and/or stats about the main report’s topic.

Quote Posters

These 20 large images (800px by 1000px) are created by our in-house designer. Each poster includes a quote related to the main report’s topic

Sales & Download Page Templates

HTML Sales and Download Pages in a variety of colors. Includes editable source image files as well.

Post-Sale Autoresponder

Build customer loyalty, and revenue by plugging our post-sale autoresponder into any email marketing software.


Robert Price

"Office Fitness is the next big thing. The very best. Definitely worth the investment.”